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This is going to help you potty train your new Yorkie puppy. Potty training a new Yorkie can be very frustrating and difficult.

Puppies have very small bladders and their bladder muscles are not fully developed until they are 4 to 6 months old. So your new Yorkie is going to make many mistakes without a doubt.

1.    You are going to need a dog crate or pen, most puppies do not like to potty in their beds if they can help it. Make their pen or crate a happy place where they feel safe and comfortable. Place their bed inside and some toys. Get your Yorkie puppy to go in and out of the cage on their own. Sometimes this can be done with treats, show your Yorkie the toys, if the Yorkie puppy enters the pen give them a treat. Repeat this many times until the puppy understands (if I go in, I get a treat). Soon the pup will be going in the crate by their self and feel comfortable.

2.    You are also going to need a clicker; you can get this at a department store or a pet store near you.

When you take your Yorkie outside to go potty take the clicker and some treats. Tell your Yorkie puppy to go potty, when he are she goes potty click the clicker and give them a treat and a lot of praise so they know they did a good job.

Once your pup finds a place in the yard to go don’t clean it up because they look for the scent and will continue to go in the same place.

3.      If your Yorkie puppy potties in the house on the floor or carpet it is very important to tell them this is a no and take the puppy outside. Don’t forget the clicker and treats to give them when he or she finishes the job. It is also very important to get the smell out the carpet so it’s clean. I find you can do this with white vinegar and water. Use 2 parts vinegar and 3 parts water in a spray bottle. Spray it on the area where the puppy went potty. Remember you need to watch your Yorkie puppy at all time when it’s out of the crate or pen.

If you don’t have time to watch your Yorkie, place them in the crate or pen. When you take them out of the crate or pen take them outside first, don’t forget your clicker and the treats. Your new Yorkie is going to need to go potty every 15 to 20 minutes and also right after he or she eats. This potty training is going to take some time but if you stick with it your new Yorkie puppy will be potty trained in no time at all.


Parti Yorkie Puppies For Sale    Home Page   

How Parti Yorkies Came to Be    
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