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Welcome to Lovely Yorkies,

I hope you enjoy shopping for your new AKC Parti Yorkie puppy with us.
We are located in Charleston, Tennessee in the Smoky Mountains.

We breed the highest of quality AKC Parti Yorkshire Terriers from the Nikko lines.
We have been breeding pets in our home for over twenty years.
Our yorkies are raised with lots of love and affection. They are bathed once weekly
and groomed daily.

There are no kennels, they are part of our family and raised as our kids.

Parti Yorkies and Parti gene carriers are non shedding and non allergenic.
We breed to AKC standards and regulations.

Puppies are all veterinarian checked, they will be up to date with shots
and be well loved before they come home to your family. All puppies
come with a one year health guarantee.

Enjoy yourself by clicking on the different links and learning
more about AKC Parti Yorkies and our babies. Also be sure to click
on the yorkie puppies for sale link to see what we have available.

If you see a yorkie puppy that you just can't live without...

 Call me at 423-920-0331 or Email me at

Thank You and God Bless

Penny & Jeff


Penny & Jeff

Our Yorkie Experience:

Just thought we might share some of our own personal life experiences with the Yorkshire Terries.

We have always had dogs in our life, sometimes small ones sometimes large one, but most of the times both large and small together. Also please understand that regardless of the size combination or quantity, at all times they have been our pets and part of the family. For the earlier times we enjoyed the toy poodles as the small dog, with a lot of the reason being because of the many different colors and combinations.

We had always known some people that owned and loved their Yorkies, and we came so close many times to owning or own Yorkies. We just loved their outgoing individual personalities and long beautiful shiny flowing coats. The one thing that always seemed to keep it from becoming a reality was when we would go to pick one out, they all looked the same. It was the one thing that always stood out, it was the lack of individuality in the looks department. Then it happened….We were introduced to the Parti Yorkie. So now you get the fantastic individual personalities and the total uniqueness of a Parti Yorkie look! We love them and believe that you will to! So some people might need to know how the Parti Yorkies came to be, if that might be you, please click on the link below on how the Parti Yorkies came to be. The other interesting thing we have found out about the Parti Yorkie and the Parti Yorkie Carrier is how the color combination comes out when they are having puppies.  Below is the average percent for each type produced for each litter of four Yorkie puppies. Any one litter, except for the first 2, may have more or less of Parti color, Parti Gene Carrier or traditional Yorkie color.

    Parti Color bred to Parti Color = All Full Parti Color puppies

    Parti Color bred to Traditional Color = All Parti Gene Carrier puppies

    Parti Color bred to Parti Carriers = 2 Parti Color and 2 Parti Gene Carrier puppies

    Parti Gene Carriers bred to Traditional Color = 2 Parti Gene Carriers and 2 Traditional Color

    Parti Gene Carriers bred to Parti Gene Carriers = 1 Parti Color, 2 Parti Gene Carriers and 1 Traditional Color


The Parti House

The Parti House

Parti BenAll the GangPanda In The Box

 Ben the stud is ready to Parti............The Gang the morning after.............Then there was Panda in the box


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